Cresskill endodontics

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When the nerve of your tooth is infected or decayed, root canal therapy is necessary. The only alternative to root canal therapy is the extraction of the tooth. If the tooth is extracted, the extracted tooth would have to be replaced with a bridge or implants, which would require more surgeries. Root canal therapy, which is also known as a root canal, is a treatment that is done in attempt to save your natural tooth or teeth. This is done by eliminating the diseased pulp, cleaning the root canal and sealing it. The pulp is the most important part of the tooth. The pulp, which is located in the center of the tooth (the root canals), contains the blood vessels, connective tissues and the nerves; branches out and continues down each root through the canal and ends just before it reaches the tip of the tooth. While general dentists receive some training in root canal therapy, most refer patients to a Cresskill endodontics practice that has a professional endodontist, such as our expert Dr. Ro. at Apex Endodontics.

Cresskill endodontics

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in endodontic treatments. It is important to go to a high quality Cresskill endodontics practice. When you choose Apex Endodontics, you’re in great hands. Our exceptional endodontist, Dr. Ro is well-trained and very experienced.  Dr. Ro is affiliated with many professional organizations and has received many awards in his field. Dr. Ro not only has exceptional credentials but is also very compassionate. He is fully committed to our patients’ comfort. He strives to make each of our patient’s experience a pleasant one.

We encourage you to call our Cresskill endodontics practice, Apex Endodontics, to get any questions you have answered. One of our friendly and compassionate associates would be happy to address any concerns you may have.

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