Emergency Dentist in Haverstraw

Emergency Dentist in Haverstraw

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Toothaches in Haverstraw

Emergency Dentist in Haverstraw
Emergency Dentist in Haverstraw

When you get that feeling that unmistakably announces a toothache, you don’t want to wait to seek help. Even if you’re tempted to try to “tough it out,” doing so can put you at risk for losing your tooth. At Apex Endodontics, we encourage you to see our emergency dentist in Haverstraw immediately when you have a toothache. Taking prompt action is likely to work in your favor.

The vast majority of all tooth pain is traceable to a breach in the protective layers of your tooth. The nerve and pulp inside are exposed, and the longer this is so, the greater the chance is that you will suffer an infection that results in root canal. There are two basic ways that your tooth’s barriers are affected. One is the all too familiar cavity. Dental plaque and tartar erode the outside of your tooth and there is a hole in your tooth. You will get a filling, but it will not last forever, and when it does eventually come loose or fall out, your tooth is again vulnerable, even if only for a short time. The other way your tooth becomes prone is from a chip or crack. It is not always possible for you to identify the cause of your toothache until you have been examined and benefitted from x-rays. That’s where our emergency dentist in Haverstraw comes in. A new cavity or an older one that has lost its filling will need a new filling. Chipped or cracked teeth are remedied by the placement of a crown. Infections, as mentioned earlier, need root canal, which is a specialty of our emergency dentist in Haverstraw. Advanced techniques and equipment have rendered this procedure a comfortable one, so you need not feel nervous. Best of all, you will have a 90% or greater chance of retaining your tooth.

Call us without delay when you have a toothache. We will treat it with the urgency the matter requires.

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