Haverstraw endodontist

Haverstraw Endodontist

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Endodontist office in Haverstraw

Haverstraw endodontist
Haverstraw endodontist

Great dental care depends on the diligent preventative care of the patient coupled with the expert professional attention of a committed dental team. This is particularly true when a person is in pain due to excess decay and an infection within the root of a tooth. Our Haverstraw endodontist, Dr. Michael Sang Ro, DDS at Apex Endodontics is committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing your dental health. Our state-of-the-art offices are equipped with the latest in dental technology including operating microscopes and digital radiographs to provide any endodontic treatment necessary.

When exposed to bacteria and irritants inflammation and infection can develop in the pulp, which will cause pain, abscess and eventual tooth loss. The pulp can also be damaged due to a severe injury or gum disease. The treatment for damaged or infected pulp is an endodontic treatment. The procedure involves our Haverstraw endodontist drilling to expose the infected tooth roots and then using special miniature tools to clean out all the pulp. Developing teeth need the pulp for nourishment but adult teeth no longer need pulp as they can get nourishment from the surrounding tissue. Once the pulp has been removed from the roots our doctor will seal the roots so no further contaminants will get in. A crown will be placed on top of the remaining tooth structure to further seal the tooth and make it functional again.

After the root canal treatment the tooth should heal quickly and the inflammation and pain disappear. In some cases the initial root canal treatment is not successful in getting rid of all the infected material or the tooth may become re-infected causing a reoccurrence of the pain. In these instances our Haverstraw endodontist will perform a root canal retreatment, which is similar to the original treatment except when the tooth is reopened our doctor will be removing old root canal materials instead of pulp. If particularly tough cases our doctor may perform a surgical procedure called an apicoectomy, where the gum is opened under the tooth to expose the roots. If you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity call our office.

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